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Started on 11th April

A supported and curated journey we undertake together, through the process of modern magic, to manifest a defined and measurable goal.

Fortnightly content uploads and optional group coaching (in addition to monthly membership coaching).

Program elements:

* What is ‘magic’ and magical axioms

* The process of Metanoia - ‘reversing the flow’ and ‘uniting the will’

* Shadow and personal complexes

* Spell casting - attraction and reversal magic

* Energy and mind management

* Tactical Magic

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Spirited Master Class: Crystals your Spiritual Allies with Anissa Say

Tuesday 21st May, 6pm SGT

Our relationship with crystals can vary from regarding them as pretty inclusions in our spaces, to active beings or intelligences that can aid our mood, minds and magic. Many of us are drawn to certain crystals at certain times, in ways that are hard to explain, yet deeply felt. For many years Anissa has supported my communities with consultations and provision of crystal divination tools and altar load stones that help to anchor the energy and ‘cure’ the altar space.

Join us for this revealing MasterClass exploring the world of crystals as active and potent tools for our spiritual inquiry and development. Together we will explore:

  • The true nature of crystals as conduits of elemental energy
  • How to connect with crystals energetically and psychically
  • Crystal care and energy hygiene
  • Creating Crystal grids

Bring your own favourite crystals to the MasterClass for guidance on how to work with them more deeply. We will also create a virtual crystal grid to support our spiritual work as a community.

No prior experience nor owning or having previously worked with crystals is required.

About Anissa:

Anissa is a qualified Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and Graduate Gemologist, Gemological Association of America. She has worked in crystal wholesale and retail in Singapore and Holland as a business owner for more than two decades. Anissa also co-operates with University of Arizona and as a supplier to museums around the world. She is very particular about the quality of the crystals and artefacts that she sources from her clients, ensuring sustainable and people-friendly mining methods, and also gives back charitably to the communities of the land from where the crystals come from.

Anissa’s FB page: https://www.facebook.com/DragonsSingapore

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Free for Spirited Living Members

*For non-members, please note that you will receive the recording within 3 business days. The recording will be available for one week.



Last Wednesday of each month. Three timezones to choose from. Group sizes capped and not recorded. Bring anything from your spiritual life and journey to the table. Sharing, support, safe.

 Free for Members Only